Pillar of Fire

Canon in 2 to 4 parts. Guitar or piano accompaniment, opt obbligato instrument (in C).  Simple accompaniment and obbligato part are provided, but improvisation is encouraged.

Written for an Easter Vigil service.  Text is “Pillar of fire, burning bright; lead us through this darkest night.”


A Voice in the Night is Calling

for 3 – 4 Octaves, or 5 – 6 Octaves (best with 4 or more), optional 2 octaves of Chimes, optional solo voice (alto/baritone) or SATB choir. Level 3, only because of some triplet rhythms and chime/bell changes.  No accidentals or key changes.

Version for solo voice with 8 bells and guitar also available.

Sample below is with 4 octaves of bells, plus chimes and solo:

The text speaks of a contemporary experience that reflects the calling of Samuel in 1 Samuel 3:1-10. More about the text and the context of the song, as well as performance notes, can be read in the sample (only the 5-6 octave version posted so far; more samples to come).

This piece has received some international exposure, having been taken to Israel by director Deborah Rice on a tour with Canadian and American ringers.  This is one of two collaborations with Richard Reimer, Lutheran Campus Minister, University of Alberta (Majestic Images is the other).


3 bells cutout

This is a simple site to share some of my compositions with you.  You can access complete sample scores (with some watermarks), and a few sound samples (hope to add more of these along the way).  Please use the contact page to request printable pdf scores.

This is all music created for my own use, though there are a couple of handbell pieces that my choir has not worked up to performance level!  Perhaps you will find them useful within your own context.  Some of these pieces have been sung or rung extensively and have therefore gone through a much greater level of editing than others.  Your feedback is appreciated!

Donations for use of any of these are most welcome – perhaps $8-$15 for enough copies for an average church-size group – but my primary goal for offering them here is for them to be sung and played!

Thanks for having a look!


Majestic Images

for 4, 5 or 6 octaves of bells,  and optional 3 octaves of chimes. L4

Listen to a midi sound sample here and see a sample of the score here.

A stately, 8-measure, hymn-like theme with variations.  Several key changes and some rhythmic challenges with alternating triplets and 8ths, and triplets against duplets.  The transparent texture of several variations adds to the challenge, as well.  Play with lots of rubato.

I would love to have a recording of a real performance; if you play this and can provide a recording, it will be much appreciated.